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AGL GradeLight Pipe Laser

Benchmark AZ offers high-quality AGL GradeLight Pipe Lasers for contractors, builders and construction crews. AGL has been building pipe lasers for over four decades creating durable and dependable products.

AGL GradeLight Pipe Laser Features

The grade light pipe laser experts at Benchmark AZ appreciate and recommend AGL products. Our clients appreciate the capabilities that AGL builds into each and everyone of their grade light pipe lasers.

Here are some of the features of the AGL GradeLight Pipe Laser:
  • Shortest Pipe Laser Available Capable of Fitting Tight Inverts and Small Pipe Jacking Pits
  • Self Leveling Over a +40% to -10% Grade Range
  • Is Equipped With a Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack – 12 Volt DC Power Cord is Optional
  • Wide Range of Accessories Including Trivet, Special Transit, Rod and Crossbrace
  • Use of High-Quality Materials Ensuring Reliability, Durability and Precision
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • One-Year Warranty With Two-Year Extended Warranties Available
  • Excellent for Work in Sanitary and Storm Sewers, Pipe Jacking and Tunneling
  • Large Display for Viewing From Outside Most Manholes
  • Remote Control is an Optional Feature
  • Simple Up/Down and Left/Right Operation

AGL GradeLight Pipe Lasers Available From Benchmark AZ

Here are some of the fine AGL Grade Light Pipe Lasers that are available from Benchmark AZ. Look at the brief descriptions and click on the image to get more detailed information and to purchase

AGL EAGL H Self Leveling Laser, LS100 Laser Detector, Dual Manual Slope

The AGL Eagl H is a full featured laser level perfect for concrete work, general construction, landscaping, footings, septic lines and much more.

AGL Gradelight GL2700 AGL Red Beam Pipe Laser Grading Level

The AGL Grade Light 2700 is designed for storm, sewer and sanitary applications. This unit self-levels its bright red laser beam over a range of +40% to -10%. Made in the USA with high-quality products to ensure durability and precision to give excellent reliability. Includes laser target and remote control.

AGL GradeLight GL3000 Economy Pkg. AGL Red Beam Pipe Laser Grading Level

The new AGL GradeLight is the shortest pipe laser available. This unit is excellent for fitting small pipe jacking pits and tight inverts. Included with this product is a laser target and remote control.

GradeLight GL3000 AGL Pipe , Sanitary, & Storm Sewer, Red Laser, Grading Level to .001 percent

The AGL GradeLight GL3000 includes a rotating laser feature with an auto target for perfect alignment of the red laser beam through a pipe. It also features self-leveling and can work off a Li-Ion battery pack.

GRADOPLANE 25X AGL Dual Slope Laser Level and LS100 Detector Receiver

The new AGL GradoPlane 25X is a great dual grading laser for horizontal and up to 25% slope capabilities. Plus, it has a range of up to 3500' diameter. Great laser level for agricultural land leveling.

AGL GRADOPLANE 15 AGL Horizontal, Single & Dual Slope Laser Level, Detector Receiver

New USA made Dual-Slope Laser from AGL offers exceptional value and is packed with features. The GradoPlane 15 employs the latest technology to provide a great value for the grading or underground contractor.

The New AGL GRADOPLANE 15 AGL Dual Grade Laser Level, and Remote, and LS100 Detector Receiver

New Dual-Grade Laser from AGL offers value and is packed with many great features. The GradoPlane 15 employs the latest technology to provide a great value for the grading or underground contractor.

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